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KIKO products are designed for both simple, natural make-up looks and professional looks. Browse our mascaras, eyeliners and false lashes!

117 Results

Palette with 9 multi-finish eyeshadows

green me eyeshadow palette

78 reviews

Palette with 9 eyeshadows in different finishes

new glamour multi finish eyeshadow palette

3 reviews

Palette with four baked eyeshadows for wet and dry use

bright quartet eyeshadow palette

4 reviews

Long-lasting and water-resistant eyeliner

winged eyeliner

2 reviews

Extreme volume mascara

green me volume mascara

146 reviews

Volumising mascara

darker mascara

22 reviews

Multi-purpose eyebrow pencil

eyebrow multitasker 3-in-1

12 reviews

Automatic eyebrow pencil with a fine tip for maximum precision

micro precision eyebrow pencil

10 reviews

Nourishing eyebrow serum

eyebrow nourishing serum

3 reviews

Waterproof mascara with mini brush for a maxi definition- and volume-enhancing effect

maxi mod waterproof mascara

17 reviews

Full and accentuated lashes, eyelids adorned with light, glitter, cream and powder eyeshadows, eyeliner for a defined or retro makeup look and iconic eyebrows: make your eyes shine with KIKO MILANO eye makeup.