We live in an era of unexpected possibilities and big changes. To take advantage of those opportunities is a challenge. Rapid changes in science and technology, even breakthroughs, do not automatically lead to a better society, more health and solutions for diseases that at some time seemed incurable. A real breakthrough starts with an idea on how things can be done differently, a vision on a better future. Without vision on a better future we continue to do what worked for us in the past. Without vision there is not true innovation.

In my career as a business developer I have learned that breakthrough innovations often come into being because somebody believes in an alternative approach, is willing to radically turn the ship, and is able to change the rules. That requires courage, creativity and entrepreneurship. But it always starts with a vision.

It is my job to bring ideas to maturity, to transform discoveries and technologies into very profitable businesses. Along the way I also collect inspiring ideas that have not yet become a reality, all of them ideas that in my vision would make the world a better place if somebody would realize them.

Here I am going to share my visions on the future. Below you can register to stay informed about my publications.