Track Record Judith Heikoop

Judith Heikoop has a proven track record in the Life Sciences. In collaboration with senior executives and professionals she has transformed ideas and inventions into significant commercial successes. She connects (bio) technology with business. She has the necessary experience and strength to transfer complex multidisciplinary collaborations into commercial successes.



Independent Interim Manager and Advisor (BioSummit BV)

Since 2010 Judith Heikoop has been active as an independent interim manager en advisor in de Life Sciences. She is the founder and managing director of BioSummit BV and within this framework she is active in business development and fundraising for innovative technology driven start-up companies, Venture Capital/ Private Equity funds and Pharma companies.

For TI Pharma, Judith Heikoop has been one of the driving forces for the set-up of the “European Lead Factory”, a unique public-private partnership that stimulates drug discovery by open innovation and crowdsourcing. The “European Lead Factory” is an Innovative Medicines Initiative with a budget of 196 million euros.

As Pharma-specialist Judith Heikoop is advisor for Globrands, a leading international company in naming and market strategies.




New Business Development Manager DSM Innovation Centre (2009-2010)

Developing business plans for new technologies and products in Pharma and Food in collaboration with corporate strategy & running businesses.

New Business Development Manager DSM Food Specialties (2005-2009)

Development and market introduction of novel food enzymes in collaboration with business group leaders. Heading a multidisciplinary team of experts in collaboration with external stakeholders such as trade organizations and political stakeholders in NL, EU and US. Nominated for the DSM Innovation award for the development of PreventAse®.




Head Metabolic Business

Overall responsible for the metabolics business (Milupa & SHS). Member of the Senior Management Team Clinical Nutrition. Double-digit growth realized by among other things the development of novel clinical food products.




Director of Business Development

Business development for a novel manufacturing technology for biopharmaceuticals such as monoclonal antibodies. Successful market introduction of this technology in an almost saturated market.



McKinsey & Company

Engagement manager

Consultancy engagements for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Emphasis on strategy development, marketing and sales (novel drug launches) and supply chain management.




Senior Research Scientist, Target Discovery Unit

Research and development on fertility hormones. Publications in leading scientific journals about the production of recombinant gonadotropins with altered biological activity. Participating in the market launch of recombinant FSH as expert biotechnologist and molecular biologist.



University of Leiden

Research Scientist Human Genetics

Molecular biological research on Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy resulting in publications in leading scientific journals about among others the opportunities of gene therapy.