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User Terms & Conditions for website judithheikoop by BioSummit BV

  1. Applicability
    These User Terms & Conditions are applicable for the visit and use of the website judithheikoop of BioSummit B.V. as well as for the information, recommendations and/or services provided via this website.
  2. Memorandum of understanding
    If you don’t agree with part of the User Terms & Conditions or don’t want to accept them as a whole, you are not allowed to visit and use the website judithheikoop of BioSummit B.V.. By using or visiting this website, you declare that you agreed with the User Terms & Conditions.
  3. Changes
    BioSummit BV is at all times allowed to change the information on website judithheikoop, its User Terms & Conditions and the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. BioSummit B.V. advises you to review the User Terms & Conditions and the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale on a regular basis.
  4. Content website judithheikoop of BioSummit B.V.
    Website judithheikoop aims to provide the visitor with information about and related to the Products and Services of BioSummit B.V.. The information on this website is intended for general information purposes and is not intended to be used as advice and is provided to you without any (implicit) guarantee.
    For the BioSummit products and services these User Terms and Conditions and the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale apply. For the products and services that might be offered on this website (together) with partners of BioSummit BV, the partner’s User Terms and Conditions and the partner’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale apply. BioSummit BV aims for correct provision of information, but does not guarantee that the information provided is always correct or up to date. Although BioSummit puts a lot of attention and care to the content of this website, BioSummit can’t guarantee that all information on this website is complete and/or accurate and shall not be liable in any way for direct or indirect damages, as a consequence or related to the use of this website.
  5. Links to other websites
    a. This website contains links to other websites of BioSummit B.V. If the User Terms and Conditions that apply to the other websites are not the same, the other User terms and conditions prevail and these User Terms & Conditions are complementary.
    b. This website also contains links to external internet pages. These links are made available for your convenience and information only. BioSummitB.V. is not accountable for the use or the content of the internet pages for which a link is provided or the internet pages that contain a link to this website.
  6. Ownership
    a. Copyright and all other (intellectual property) rights with respect to the name, the logo, the content (including text and images), the look & feel and the format of this website reside completely with BioSummit B.V. and/or her licensors. Nothing on this website should be construed as granting any license or right in or to any trademark, patent or any other intellectual property right of BioSummit B.V..
    b. No part of this website may be distributed, displayed, stored or made public unless for personal use or with permission in writing from BioSummit B.V..
    c. It is possible in relevant cases that BioSummit B.V. removes information from this website or makes it (temporarily) inaccessible if there is a possibility of infringement of third party rights.
  7. Information
    Website judithheikoop of BioSummit BV and the information herein is provided as encountered, without any explicit or implicit guarantee. It is not allowed to change, copy, distribute, make public, link to other websites, provide to third parties, or use in any other form information obtained from website judithheikoop of BioSummit BV.
  8. User right
    Accessing website judithheikoop of BioSummit BV and using its information is allowed to visitors for personal use only. It is not allowed to use website judithheikoop for illegal actions or any actions that are not permitted based on these User Terms and Conditions or the law. It is, however, considering these User Terms & Conditions, allowed to use the content as far as necessary for technical reasons to seek website judithheikoop or to make website judithheikoop publicly available in search engines. Any other usage is explicitly illegitimate. In particular, it is not allowed to monitor or copy the data and content that is unlocked by website judithheikoop. In addition, it is forbidden to download (integral or in part) website judithheikoop, to use the processing-power of the servers of website judithheikoop for other purposes than described above or to overflow website judithheikoop with electronic messages in order to disturb its operation.
  9. Posting information
    The information that is posted by visitors of website judithheikoop of BioSummit BV and can be read by others, should be clearly related to the content of the website judithheikoop and should not be in contradiction with the public order or morals, not be offensive or rude to others, not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party, and should be no reason to start a legal procedure and should not contain any viruses or any other harmful file. Website judithheikoop can’t guarantee in any way that the information is kept confidential for third parties. BioSummit BV reserves all rights to refuse, remove and/or change (published) information and/or to hand over the information to the governmental justice.
  10. Liability
    BioSummit BV excludes all liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or expenses howsoever arising out of or related to the use of website judithheikoop, more specifically as a consequence of the use of the information on this website of as a consequence of the access to any other information accessed by links to external internet pages from this website, or the temporary impossibility of using this website, unless the loss or damage is the consequence of willful misconduct on the part of judithheikoop.
  11. Severability
    If these website User Terms & Conditions are or become partially void, the parties will continue to be bound by remainder of the same. The parties shall replace the void part by provisions that are valid and have legal effect that correspond with those of the void part as much as possible, taking into account the content and purpose of these User Terms & Conditions.
  12. Sale of product
    For the sale of products on website judithheikoop of BioSummit BV the Standard terms and conditions of sale will apply. In addition, the General terms of Use will apply. In case of contradictions, the Standard terms and conditions of sale will prevail.
  13. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction
    This website can be accessed from various countries around the world. As each of these countries has laws that might differ from those of The Netherlands, by accessing this website you agree that the laws of The Netherlands shall apply to all matters arising from or relating to the use and content of this website or information provided to you via this website. You also agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands with respect to such matters.

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