Game Changer

Judith Heikoop has a mission: the development of breakthrough innovations in the Life Sciences. No incremental improvements, but ground-breaking innovations to create solutions for health and wealth. Her role is Game Changer. She transforms good ideas into thriving businesses and creates value for all stakeholders.

Why is Judith Heikoop presenting herself here?

Her involvement in the business development projects that she is heading is limited to a period of a couple of months to a maximum of 2-3 years. Her strength is the market introduction of products and services that need further development at the time that she gets involved. Her focus is not on the exploitation phase: she is a developer, a strategist, a Game Changer. To further support her career and to get into the picture with potential clients, she is presenting herself here.

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  • Judith Heikoop
  • Sc. in chemistry en Ph.D. in medicine
  • Business knowledge and experience gained at McKinsey & Company
  • 15 years of experience heading business development projects with large companies in Pharma and Food
  • Game Changer, deal-maker, licensing expert, strategic marketeer, outcome driven innovator, lobbyist, public affairs influencer, communications professional