Bucket List

In the course of my career I have developed ideas about projects and enterprises that I would like to realize. On this website I would like to share a couple of them with you, hoping to get into contact with suitable partners who are willing to take up the challenge to create the future together.

Microbiome treatment to cure debilitating disease

My ambition is to facilitate the development of innovative therapies for diseases that cannot be (fully) treated at present. This is true for a variety of common chronic diseases such as Obesity, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Multiple sclerosis. Sadly, the incidences of these conditions are increasing in our society. Leading-edge science coming from well-respected institutions is discovering that many of these diseases are the result of an unhealthy bacterial ecosystem in the colon, the so-called microbiome. This paradigm shift opens a whole new arena of opportunities to treat and cure debilitating disease.

Breaktrough solutions for Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine has huge potential. The concept to individualize healthcare based on the genetics of individuals and/or monitoring of bodily functions used to be science fiction, but is now about to become reality. It is my ambition to improve prevention, diagnostics and the treatment of diseases based on the application of ground-breaking new technologies such as “genomics”, “molecular imaging” and “micro electronics”.

Drug Development & Clinical Medicine facilitated by “Big Data”

The last couple of years more and more data have become available by the ever-increasing use of Internet and databases. Furthermore, at the start of this decade the humane genome was unravelled. Since then an increasing amount of data points is being generated related to the genetics of individuals and the role of changes in their genetic material during progressing diseases such as cancer. Translational Bioinformatics is an arising field in the informatics that utilizes these so called “Big Data” for the development and the better application of medicines. It is my ambition to employ “Big Data” for the development of ground-breaking products and services that lead to improved diagnostics and treatment of patients.