About Judith Heikoop

Life Sciences Business Development

Judith Heikoop focuses on the Life Sciences industries. Specifically on Biotech, Pharma, Food and Medical technology. Even more specifically: innovative business development projects in these industries. Preferably for the development of drugs, medical devices and food ingredients with a significant impact on the health and wealth of patients. Always targeted towards value creation and sustainable growth for the enterprise.

Why Judith Heikoop?

Judith Heikoop has a proven track record in the Life Sciences industries. In collaboration with executives and professionals she has transformed ideas and discoveries into commercial successes. She has a deep understanding of both the (bio) technological as well as the business site and has enough power to transform very complex projects into a success. She has a very broad skill set, ranging from scientific knowledge to licensing & deal making, strategic marketing, outcome driven innovation, lobbying & public affairs and communication. This comprehensive package makes her perfectly suitable to lead multidisciplinary teams that are developing state of the art innovations. She knows the ins and outs and is able – when necessary with unconventional methods – to achieve her goals. She knows the industry, the market and the politics and thinks strategically and operates tactically.


Judith Heikoop (March 23, 1966) has a solid scientific education with a Master of Science in chemistry and a Ph.D. in medicine. During the first phase of her career she has gained experience in academic and industrial research with multiple universities and the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on metabolic disease, human genetics en women’s health. In 1998 she has made a career switch to Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. Subsequently, she has headed business development projects for Pharma, (clinical) Nutrition and Biotechnology for over ten years. She has had senior management positions for Crucell (Johnson & Johnson), Numico (Danone) en DSM. Since 2010 she has been active as independent interim manager en advisor.

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